In recent years, many have incorporated running into their way of life. It is a sport with numerous benefits, both mental, physical and above all, you can practice it whenever and wherever you want. Running is a physical activity you can do in the countryside, in the city, in the park, on the track or at the gym, to name a few. There are as many options to practice as there are locations near you.

Just as in any other sports however, when it comes to running one should follow a series of recommendations and guidelines to avoid suffering from unexpected injuries. Things like the type of clothing you wear, your posture while running and wearing appropriate footwear will all play a part in bringing forth complications that happen in the body from the strain running can have on the body.

Key Facts

  • Running shoes are the most essential piece of gear if you want to begin having a running routine.
  • There are three types of running shoes according to what kind of surface you will be running on: asphalt, trail and track.
  • Your gait is one of the most fundamental factors to consider when acquiring new running shoes. So, what is your running gait? Are you a pronator, supinator or neutral?

Ranking: The best running shoes on the market

Next, we’ll walk you through the best running shoes you can find on the market. In this section you will discover which shoes are the most suitable for you or your loved ones. You can choose the design, cushioning, colour and assess which style is best suited to your needs.

No. 1: QANSI – Men’s Sneakers Lightweight & Breathable Running Shoes

QANSIs sneakers are a super lightweight design, incorporating a flyknit mesh material, extra cushioning and shock resistant properties. The anti-skid pattern on the bottom of sole features flexible grooves, enhancing the shoes ability to grip the ground. This allows runners to adapt to any road condition. The grooved sole also allows for more flexibility in movement.

These shoes are an excellent choice if you’re looking for comfortable, versatile footwear. Its ability to transition from a stylish, night out sneaker, to a high quality running shoe makes it one of the best-selling running shoes on Amazon and best rated by users.

No. 2: Everyones – Men’s & Women’s Fashion Sneakers

These men’s and women’s fashion sneakers are made of a high quality material. A classic low-top breathable sneaker that features four-eyelet holes and a lace-up enclosure that makes them able to easily slip on and off. The knitted, lightweight mesh paired with a soft and flexible sole allow the shoe to bend or twist freely, providing a full range of motion.

This shoe is perfect for all occasions. It’s great for casual outings, walking, travel, swimming, running, jogging and a number of different sports on land and in the water. Their professional team is dedicated to cross-border e-commerce, and has been doing so for many years. They are available worldwide in multiple colours. The quality given for such a reasonable cost has made them a very popular choice on Amazon.

No. 3: XIDISO – Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Running Shoes

These lightweight running shoes are a classic, low-top sneaker with an easy lace-up enclosure. The stretchy, breathable mesh ensures a snug fit, giving you an absolute feeling of freedom. While simultaneously providing support and flexibility to each and every step. The anti-slip rubber soul has a built in air cushion that provides full support and comfort to your arch.

Established in 2014, XIDISO is a trusted footwear brand, developing lifestyle and athletic footwear for children and adults alike. No wonder it’s one of the best selling brands on Amazon. These sneakers are made of a synthetic outer material that has fabric coating. They also have a platform of about 3 centimetres high and a standard width. The colours available are white, brown, grey, black, white and red.

No. 4: Champion – Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

These shoes by Champion are the perfect pair of runners for training, trail running, workouts and all your walking needs.They are trendy, stylish and easy to match with any combination of clothes. They are lightweight, have a non-marking outer sole and a memory foam insole. All of these qualities plus the soft linings around the entirety of the shoe make these sneakers an exceptionally comfortable shoe.

The users who have purchased them rave about their excellent value for the quality they receive, which means above average comfortability when performing high impact sports (i.e running). They are offered in a wide range of colours, making it possible to choose the colour combinations that fit in best with your wardrobe. Undoubtedly, a “top” option for those who like to purchase top ranked running shoe brands.

No. 5: Weweya – Men’s Casual Running Shoes

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These casual running shoes made for men have a unique fly mesh weave. The specialized techniques used to create the upper portion of the shoe provide excellent ventilation and prevent injuries from occurring in the foot. The polyurethane sole provides wear-resistant performance. Making them not only safe and lightweight, but durable as well.

The simple style and colours can satisfy any stylish taste but in a subtle and understated way; offering a more casual, adaptable and comfortable feeling and look. The flexible mesh allows the foot to fit as it moulds around feet of all sizes and shapes. The ventilation properties of these shoes makes them great for hot climates or physical activity, where the feet often become sweaty and smelly. According to users, the sizes run slightly smaller, making it necessary to order one size up.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about running shoes

There are many types of running shoes. They are essential and affordable products that allow you to run more comfortably and safely. However, within the act of running, there are many factors and variants to keep in mind. That’s why below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions from users.


Running offers many benefits to our overall health.
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What are running shoes exactly?

Running shoes are an essential element to consider in a training program. Failing to wear proper footwear can result in serious injuries. To avoid ankle, knee, and back problems, it is important to wear comfortable shoes with proper cushioning, support and of a flexible material.


Did you know that a trick to test if the sports shoes you are going to buy are sufficiently flexible is to simply bend them from the toe to the heel? If the material is hard or too thick, preventing you from bending them easily, we recommend that you keep looking for other brands or styles.

What types of running shoes are there?

There are basically three types of running shoes: asphalt, trail and track. Let’s look at the differences between them. Below we’ve created a table comparing all the different models, pointing out their similarities and differences.

Type Asphalt Trail Track
Use To run in the street To run in the field To run in athletic tracks
Features They have a flat sole and are well cushioned to absorb impact. They are comfortable. The sole is not flat and they have spikes for better grip. They’re not that comfortable. They have spikes which makes them only apt for a running track. An alternative to this type of shoes could be competing shoes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running?

Doing any type of sport or physical activities always has positive effects for both physical and mental health. Sports like running are an excellent option if we want to burn calories and stay fit. Running has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks and contraindications to keep in mind.

In the following table we walk through the advantages and disadvantages of running:

Advantages Disadvantages
Requires little financial investment May increase risk of hip and knee pain or arthritis
Free and natural way to release endorphins In women especially, running may lower their iron and calcium levels
Works to act against cellulite May cause chronic tendinitis
Helps tone and define your legs and buttocks May be dangerous if you practice without any prior conditioning or warm up
Reduces the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis or hypertension If practiced wrong, the exercise can cause long term, chronic injuries

What kind of things should we take into account before taking up running?

It’s common for people to start running to lose weight. However, one should not start running without a few important insights. “Ideally, one should start with 40-minute walks, four times a week until you workup your stamina and endurance” recommends Alejandro Carcano, Triathlon specialist and trainer.

Before starting to take up running, make sure to have “an examination of your cardiovascular output, your running gait and visit a nutritionist to make sure you are at an adequate weight” – these things are a important to avoid injuries when taking up running, says Cárcano.

Alejandro CarcanoTriathlon Trainer and Specialist

“It is always important to have a routine that includes weight lifting and core exercise to tone up. Having a strong body is essential to avoiding injuries.”

What sort of things should we take into account when training?

In running, like all sports, one needs to follow a series of guidelines in order to train effectively. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re starting to take up running. Read carefully because the following guidelines can help you achieve your goals faster and without doing damage to your body.

Zapatillas de running

There are running shoes these days in many different modern styles and colours.
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  • Weight management: It’s not only important to take care of ourselves just on the track field. Remember that combining exercise with a balanced diet will allow you to lose weight efficiently and in a shorter amount of time. If you’ve never run before and you’re overweight, a good place to start is on the elliptical or a stationary bike. It’ll be easier for you to go at your own pace.
  • Good equipment: Running is one of the sports that requires the least amount of financial investment. The only equipment you really need are shorts or leggings and a breathable T-shirt (in the case of men, even this can be skipped) – But above all, good footwear that takes into account both your weight and your gait is the most important piece of equipment. Ideally, you should seek expert advice when looking for the best shoe for you.
  • Progression: You should not start by running long distances if you don’t already have an established running routine. Ideally, you should always start by combining running with jogging or fast walking. A good method is to run one minute and walk three. If your training is progressive, you will stay consistent and cultivate more motivation as you see your endurance and strength grow steadily.
  • Adaptation: It is normal that at the start of a run you feel uncomfortable, or even annoyed by the impact against the ground. Patience is one of the major keys to running. If you give it time, your body will adapt to it and running can easily become an integral part of your life.

What are the most common errors in posture one can have while running?

In the previous section we gave you the keys to establishing a good running training program. Next, we go over the most common mistakes made by amateur runners. Take note so you can do your best to avoid them. In turn, you’ll lower your risk for any possible injuries and postural problems.

Error Solution
Head bent Ideally, the head should be aligned with your spine
Shrugging the shoulders They should be relaxed because most of the force should be exerted by the lower part of the body
Letting the hips drop down The hips must remain elevated and aligned with the centre of gravity
Not strengthening the musculature To prevent injuries, the muscles involved in running must be worked and strengthened

Running at night: What should I take into account?

Perhaps the time that best suits your training is after the sun has gone down. Running at night is a great way to stay in shape when your obligations keep you from exercising during the day. But if you’ve never done it before, you should consider a series of guidelines and suggestions to make your night runs successful and safe.

  • Weather-adapted ​equipment: It is not always easy to know which clothes to wear running. It is common to feel that we are over or underdressed. We must always consider the weather conditions and temperature outside before venturing out on an outdoor run. Always knowing the weather conditions or whether there’s a chance of precipitation will keep you prepared and motivated.
  • Run in the opposite direction of cars: It is absolutely necessary to be seen while running. Remember this sentence: “Runner on the road, driver on your left”. This premise is important whenever we go out for a run or even for a walk in roads. This is even more crucial to keep in mind at night when visibility is impaired.
  • Safety: Keep in mind that in autumn and winter it gets dark out much earlier. In times of little light, we must keep ourselves seen, not just by other pedestrians, but mainly by cars. LED cases and sportswear with reflective stripes and seams will make you greatly visible at night. It can also be very useful to wear neon coloured clothes, these colours are very striking and noticeable even to the naked eye.

Purchase Criteria

Today there is a great variety of shoe brands and models not only in the field of running, but in the whole world of sports and shoe wear. This could be seen as a benefit or it can overwhelm you. Sometimes too many options can cause more problems than no options! In the following section, we guide you through the most relevant criteria to keep in mind while looking for the perfect pair of shoes, if you keep these things in mind, your search will be easier and you will be more likely to making the perfect choice.

  • Foot shape and gait
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Type of running
  • Type of surface

Foot shape and gait

One of the first things you should know if you’re new to running, even long before you sign up for your first race, is to identify your type of gait. You may have never even stopped to think about it, but the study of our gait is very important in order to get the perfect shoes and prevent injuries.

Foot gait type Description
Pronator Refers to the natural side-to-side movement of the foot as you walk or run. It is also known as eversion. Your foot normally rolls a bit inward with each step. Here is what happens during normal pronation: From the time your heel strikes the ground, your arch begins to flatten and cushion the shock.
Supinator also known as underpronation, is the insufficient inward roll of the foot after landing. If you’re a runner who is a habitual supinator, you place extra stress on the outer side of the foot, which can trigger a whole host of other issues you might not be aware of.
Neutral Ankles and feet do not tend to rest on either end. They line up to provide equal ground support. The soles of the shoes should wear in an S-shaped pattern, from the outer heel to the big toe.


Keep in mind that the heavier you are in weight, the more cushioning and shock absorption you’ll need from your shoe. Shoes usually mark the dividing line at 85kg. But look out! More cushioning does not always mean that they have a softer and better sole. Often when there is a lot of weight on the shoe, the extra cushioned soles are deformed to a greater extent, causing increased impact and unleveling of the footprint.


As we get older, our feet tend to deform and lose their shape a lot easier. In addition, the skin becomes more sensitive and prone to chafing. It is important before getting a new pair of running shoes to study their seam areas and take note of the folds in your feet that can be easily damaged.

Type of running

Running and competitive sport shoes are designed to absorb a large amount impact while working in a longitudinal plane. On the other hand, running shoes for those who do a lot of dynamic jumping are characterized by greater absorption of large impact, all while also stabilizing the foot.

Finally, if you are going to combine running with fast directional changes, you must have specially designed soles, made specifically to hold and support the foot inside the shoe.

Running Shoes

Running shoes help us increase our overall sports performance.
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Type of surface

You should also look at the kind of terrain on which you are going to be running. It is not the same to run in the mountains (where you will step in uneven ground and on materials such as crumbling earth or water) as it is to run on asphalt, tartan or grass. That is why there are outer soles of different materials and qualities. It’s important to choose the right one for you.


We’re currently in the middle of a huge running craze happening worldwide. This is partly because tt’s a very simple, cheap and accessible activity to incorporate into your self-care routine. All you need is a pair of running shoes and determination. It is one of the most addictive sports, since it provides so many health and emotional benefits, although it can also cause serious injuries if you do not practice it with the right footwear.

As you may have noticed, running shoes are an essential product if you want to go running. Especially if you adopt this physical activity as a new habit and as part of your life. Choosing the most suitable running shoes for your needs will keep you comfortable and safe, allowing you to reach your highest potential and all your goals.

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