Releasing your adrenaline, letting go of stress or simply relaxing: are these not enough reasons to start practicing one of the oldest sports in history? Hitting a punching bag can help you get away and release all tension and accumulated stress almost as much as any holiday in the sun.

After you learn about all the benefits of this spot and how complete of a training it is, you won’t be able to wait any longer to take up boxing. The best part? This type of training you can easily do from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need for that is a punching bag and a pair of gloves. By setting up your own exercise routine, you’ll be able to stay in shape without leaving your home.

Key Facts

  • Punching bags are ideal for boxing at home without having to go to gyms or other training centers.
  • Two main types of bags are available: those hanging from the ceiling or wall (currently the most in demand) and free-standing bags.
  • This type of fitness item is ideal for people with busy lifestyles, as well as those for whom going to the gym is difficult.People who want to improve their boxing technique at home also often use them.

Ranking: The best punching bags in the market

Let’s have a look at the best punching bags you can find on the Canadian market. The following section will give you the tools to find which one is the most appropriate for you or your loved ones. You will also learn how to choose the shape of the bag, the coating material and the type that best suits your needs.

No. 1: Everlast PowerCore – Free-standing heavy bag

Everlast is about as good as it gets when it comes to combat sport gear. This heavy bag is made for big hitters and can withstand what most boxers will not. With a sturdy base that can weigh over 150 kg when filled with sand, the height of the bag can also be adjusted. It is both resistant and easy to transport when unfilled.

Everlast PowerCore isn’t Amazon’s Choice for no reason: this bang-for-your-buck punching bag has satisfied dozens of customers. Some reviewers have praised its sturdiness when filled with sand bags, stating that it should be filled to the max to avoid too much movement.

No. 2: RDX – Heavy bag (unfilled)

A newer brand on the market, RDX still represents 20 years of experience in everything fight-related. This means their products have been tested in combat, and it’s no different for the X1 heavy bag. It is unfilled, which means you can adjust it to your needs: stuff it with paper to work on your movements, or with sand to work on your power hits.

This sturdy boxing bag has left users happy with its resistance, effortlessly withstanding poundings. It is available in 2 different sizes, fitting the needs of both children and adults. A pair of RDX’s very own leather gloves is offered and means you’re ready to hit the bag straight away.

No. 3: Everlast Nevatear – Hanging heavy bag

With over 100 years of history in the industry, it’s no wonder Everlast is on this list again. This hanging punching bag comes pre-filled and ready for action. Weighing in at almost 40 kilos, it is light enough to be taken down when not in use, and strong enough to make you work those jabs, straights and other hooks. Note that it is not recommended for outdoor use.

No. 4: Everlast Power Tower – Free-standing inflatable bag

This inflatable free-standing punching bag from Everlast is a great value-for-money product. Just fill the base with water, inflate it and get the workout you’ve been waiting for all day. It is easy to store and therefore ideal for small spaces. Standing at almost 160 cm tall, this bag is fit to be punched and kicked at by children and adults alike.

No. 5: RDX – Speed bag

This medium-sized speed bag by RDX will become a great addition to your training routine, allowing you to work on quick blows and upper-body dodging. A stainless steel swivel helps you hang the bag where you need. The outer coating in cowhide leather gives it the resistance required to withstand a beat-down. Users say you won’t find a better speed bag for this price.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about punching bags

Many types of punching bags are available on the market. Allowing you to practice boxing at home, this affordable product is easy to install. However, there are many variants and levels within the sport of boxing, and this is why we answer below the most frequently asked questions from users.

Punching Bag 1

Boxing is ideal to get rid of stress and tensions.(Source: Diaz: 24381996/

What is a punching bag exactly?

The punching bag (or boxing bag) is an essential item used in martial arts training. Hitting the bag can be dangerous for your hands, and you need to follow certain precautions to avoid injuries to hands and wrists. You should wear suitable straps as well as hand protection such as gloves.


Did you know that it is not recommended to fill the punching bag with sand, but rather with another material such as cotton or foam rubber? You should only put a small amount of sand at the base to provide increased stability.

What types of punching bags are available out there?

There are two main types of punching bags: hanging and free-standing bags. Let’s look at the differences between the two in this comparative table, that we are sure you will find most useful. Pay attention!

Type Hanging Free-standing
Advantage Takes up less space at home when in use Easy to transport and store when not in use
Movement More realistic. You work better on coordination and rhythm of blows Moves much more, which can be uncomfortable
Weight Its weight is much more balanced. It is more adequate to develop technique It can sway quite a bit with kicks

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a punching bag?

Your physical and mental health will always benefit from sport. Activities like boxing are an excellent alternative if you want to burn adrenaline off and stay fit. There are many benefits and certain drawbacks you should keep in mind regarding punching bags. These are exposed in the following table:

  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Burns calories within short periods of time
  • Exercises your core, legs and arms
  • Difficult to move
  • Can injure hands and knuckles if not hit properly

Why do we say that boxing releases stress and tension?

Slipping boxing gloves on and starting to hit away at your punching bag can be extremely rewarding for your mind and body. The movements you make during your workout keep you focused and allow you to get away, therefore helping you release tensions of your daily life.

Punching Bag 2

You will find punching bags of different colors and with different coating materials.(Source: Khambubpha: 82243653/

What are the health benefits of using a punching bag?

We have already mentioned its influence on releasing stress and adrenaline, but using a punching bag provides other benefits. It improves overall health and helps with fat loss. We have no doubt that you’ll be even more pumped to start training once you read the following qualities of boxing. Let’s get started!

  • You burn calories at a good pace. High intensity cardio exercises lead your body to burn calories and fat at a higher-than-normal rate. This is a fantastic option if you want to lose weight and define your muscles. For this doing, you should always practice at a high enough pace.
  • You work out your legs. Maintaining a correct posture is extremely important while hitting the punching bag. You need to have a solid guard position and semi-flexed legs, which will also make you work on your lower body. You may not have thought so, but boxing can provide a good workout for your legs.
  • Strong core. By combining exercises when you hit the bag, you are working on your cardiovascular capacities as well as your abdominal belt. This helps keep your core firm throughout training. In addition, you work on your lower belly and obliques when doing left and right punching exercises.

What should I keep in mind when starting to hit my punching bag?

Warm-up is a key element in any sport. After starting off with a good stretching session, you can jump, jog, or do push-ups or sit-ups. According to Christian Ledesma Saraiva, personal trainer and nutrition expert: “It’s an activity that gets the whole body moving.”

Christian SaraivaPersonal Trainer and Nutrition Expert

“Boxing burns a lot of calories. It’s also a sport that contributes to an overall improvement in the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.”

What is the best exercise routine for bag boxing?

Tight abdomen and firm chest is the position you should try to maintain at all times during your workouts. As part of your exercise routine, you can start throwing simulated punches into the air in front an imaginary opponent.

This is what is commonly referred to as shadowing. This allows you to work very intensely on your abdomen, arms, chest and back. But that’s not all: a great mobility of the waist, legs, ankles and buttocks is also strongly required for boxing, toning up your figure faster.

What should my diet be like if I box?

A healthy diet is naturally essential for our overall well-being. So much so that, for example, it strongly influences our capacity of coping with physical exercise. If you are careful and eat healthily, your cardio and stamina will be improved when the time comes to hit that bag.

Eating five meals a day, always staying hydrated and not consuming carbohydrates “because they are fat” may not be as great tips as you might think, and they will eventually affect your body. Food is your body’s fuel and is fundamental to bringing quality and intensity into your training. You will improve faster if you also focus on you nutrition.

Purchase Criteria

A wide range of punching bags are available on the Canadian market, and you should always compare different products before purchasing one. This section introduces you to some key criteria to consider before you settle for a particular model. We hope they will help you choose the best punching bag according to your needs.

  • Type of punching bag
  • Weight
  • Sport
  • Experience and power
  • Filling material
  • Coating material

Type of punching bag

The different types of bags available all come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Ideally, your main focus should be directed at the functionality of the product during your trainings, while you shouldn’t forget to think about where the bag will be placed. Finally, you should also consider the design that you like and the sport that you will practice upon deciding which punching bag is right for you.

Here are the different types of bags:

  • Pear-shaped bag: Ideal to improve hitting speed.
  • Speed bag: To improve your reflexes.
  • Banana bag: Specifically designed for Muay Thai.
  • Free-standing: Its function is to practice punches and kicks in small spaces.
  • Hanging bag: It improves your technique, while being more comfortable and firm.


We strongly encourage you to opt for a punching bag of approximately half your own body weight. Children and smaller women tend to use bags of around 20 kilos, while bags of around 35 kilos are recommended for people who weigh over 80 kilos. Bags of 45 kilos are ideal for athletes weighing 80 kilos and over.

Punching Bag 3

Boxing is no longer a sport for men only. Many women practice boxing or kickboxing.(Source: Diaz: 24381996/


Different bags are designed for different disciplines. While certain models are used only for boxing, others are tailored for kickboxing and Muay Thai. The type of martial art or combat sport you practice will influence the firmness and height you need your bag to be. You should always know exactly what you’ll use it for before making your purchase.


Did you know that it is not recommended to leave a punching bag hanging all the time? You should take it down and roll it to level its filling, because the stuffing tends to compact itself at the base, which will become harder than the top.

Experience and power

You may have already practiced this sport for a long time when the time to buy your very own punching bag comes. This means that you must already be throwing powerful punches. In that case, we encourage you to opt for a heavier bag as it will have a stronger tendency to swing when you hit it. Mixed martial arts bags generally move more, which may be uncomfortable for you.

Filling material

Sand, water, crushed fibers and compressed fabric are common fillings used in boxing bags. Certain models will even mix a couple of different fillers, with many also including an extra layer of foam, usually located on the inside. If standard fillers are not an option for you, using old clothes or rags is fine too, although we recommend getting a pre-filled punching bag.

Coating material

The different coating materials available are specific to different functions and sports. Leather bags tend to last longer and offer a superior quality. Here are the different coating materials you can find on the market:

  • Faux-leather: They imitate the feel of leather but are cheaper.
  • Canvas: Despite being of poorer quality, they are more suitable for outdoor use because of their water resistance.
  • Leather: They provide a more realistic hitting experience and won’t damage your hands or knuckles if you decide not to wear gloves.


You should never overlook your health, and this is why sport should be a part of your life. However, the frenetic pace of work, studies and family makes physical exercise an ever more challenging task. This has led to the trend of turning our houses into improvised gyms.

You now know how interesting a product a punching bag can be to stay in shape, especially if you have to deal with a harsh Canadian winter. Its many functionalities and its affordable price make it truly appealing, but you should always choose the most suitable punching bag for your needs.

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